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Full name: State budgetary institution of healthcare «Children's polyclinic № 91 of the Department of health of Moscow city»

Abbreviated name: GBUZ «DGP No. 91 DZM»


 According to the order Of Department of Health of Moscow of 05.07.2012 No. 632 the outpatient polyclinic center of GBUZ «Children's city polyclinic No. 91 DZM» which structure included 4 polyclinics is formed:


Branch No. 1 (former GBUZ «Children's city polyclinic No. 1 DZM»)

Branch No. 2 (former GBUZ «Children's city polyclinic No. 108 DZM»)

Branch No. 3 (former GBUZ «Children's city polyclinic No. 123 DZM»)

The polyclinic accepts children from birth to 18 years and the specificity of this age makes specialists look for an individual approach to each young patient who comes to the institution. This treatment of children raises the work of doctors to a new level, because thanks to their careful treatment of patients, children are not only not afraid to go to the clinic, but the treatment is much easier and more willing.

GBUZ Children's city polyclinic No. 91 DZM is a medical institution, which is fully equipped taking into account the age of visitors. Sparing methods of diagnosis and treatment-this is a prerequisite for the success of the institution, which plays an important role in the true love of young patients to this clinic. And parents who are deeply worried about their children, will receive a very attentive attitude to their child from the doctors of the clinic, as well as advice on all matters of concern. It is worth noting that each specialist has specially designed schemes that greatly help parents..

Currently, the clinic is a medical institution, fully equipped with modern and high-quality equipment, taking into account the age of patients.

     For achievements in the field of medicine and health care in 2013 GBUZ «DGP No. 91 DZM» became the winner of the Moscow festival in the field of health care "Formula of life" in the nomination "Children's polyclinic of the year"




On the territory of the outpatient center there are bases of clinical departments:

  • Russian national research medical University them. N. I. Pirogov
  • FSU "Scientific and clinical center of otorhinolaryngology" FMBA of Russia.